Hand to Hand Leaflet Distribution in London

Hand to Hand in a University of London
London news delivered Hand to Hand
Street teams delivering promotional materials in London

By using our H2H teams we can place your products directly into the hands of your customers.

Then choose Hand to hand leaflet distribution in London, for maximum impact at minimum prices.
This is why you should choose us.

- Our rigorous selection procedure means that only the best brand ambassadors are used to represent you, and distribute leaflets on your behalf.
- Our ambassadors will receive the best possible training, learning everything about your company, all the crucial tag lines, sales pitches, and will be able to handle any objections posed to them by the general public.
- Our ambassadors will also be provided with branded apparatuses, such as T-shirts, jumpers, coats – whatever is needed, we can source it.
We will be like an extension of your own company.

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- We engage in comprehensive planning before you give us the go-ahead, ensuring that you’ve reviewed all the options and are fully briefed about the general plan and costings. You will be ready to go with no worries.
- We give you on-going feedback during the campaign. You will receive live updates, activity reports, customer feedback, daily distribution reports with vital statistics of the day, and photographs, for every single campaign.
- We deploy full-time managerial team members who will be specially responsible, 7 days a week, for supervising all marketing campaigns.
You will always know where you are with us.

- With person-to-person contact, we can generate maximum consumer attention.
- With a physical presence in the city, we can reach places no other medium can.
- Because we can reachanyone who is out and about, we can reach people from any target demographic.
We can generate maximum impact for you.UNBEATABLE VALUE

  • Using direct marketing and flyer distribution, we can advertise your product at much lower prices than traditional forms of advertising.
  • We appreciate that you might not have an unlimited marketing budget, so we will always suggest ways for you to reduce your total bill.
  • Our campaigns have been demonstrated to produce much more effective results than much more costly alternatives, like underground poster campaigns.

We punch far above our weight.

Our values of honesty, reliability and responsibility show up in everything we do.
We look forward to giving you the flexible, honest and professional distribution service that you deserve.

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