Leaflet Distribution in London by the F|D|L teams

Our teams are experts when organizing great door to door distributions around London & the boroughs.

F|D|L has one of the most talented leaflet distribution teams in London. During the years we have developed, managed and executed various door to door distributions in numerous locations across South East London, South West London, Kingston area, Croydon area, Broomley, Darford and Twickenham areas. Also we have recently introduced a new GPRS tracking system which enables us to positively track & follow the delivery team while they perform the distribution services. This way we take things a step forward and make sure we provide as transparent services as possible. After the completion of the marketing campaign we provide our customers with a full distribution report highlighting all the postcode/streets and areas covered. The report is so detailed that we are able to list every single street that has been covered and back checked by our teams. Along with the full report we submit the GPRS tracker data which is applied to a online generated map which is then graphically provided to our customers. Our Flyer Distribution Services are second to none so we really hope to be able to show you how we can help your business grow and promote your services and products.
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See why F|D|L Flyer Distribution London is the right choice for your distribution needs in London.

1. Our teams are always fully branded & caring our state of the art gps tracking devices.

2. In addition to utilizing the benefits that the gps system provides us we always employ full time supervisors. They are paid only to supervise your distribution campaign and follow the delivery teams.

3. We always provide a detailed report based on our supervisors ABC back checking.

4. Unlike most of our competitors we never subcontract any work, employ people without the necessary documents to work in the UK or hire people for one off jobs.
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