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Flyer Distribution London by the FDL team
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Flyer Distribution London

Choosing the right flyer distribution London company.

The FDL team is an experienced flyer distribution team based in London. We have successfully executed door-to-door campaigns in various locations across London, including neighborhoods in Greater London, Surrey, and Essex. Imagine this scenario: 6 distinct drops in areas like Shoreditch, Clapham, Islington, Camden, Richmond, and Walthamstow, encompassing a total of 10,000 leaflets. With a proven track record, we manage a team of 37 individuals, ensuring the distribution of over 60,000 leaflets. 

Our deliveries are meticulously supervised by dedicated team leaders, conducting constant back checks to guarantee accuracy. We've recently incorporated GPRS tracking for home deliveries, providing real-time insights into our teams' movements during distributions. Upon completion, a comprehensive distribution report, derived from careful back checking and GPRS maps, is furnished. This meticulous approach ensures maximum penetration and optimal returns on marketing investments.

At FDL Flyer Distribution London, our services set the standard. We look forward to demonstrating how we can elevate your business and service promotions. Here's how we conduct our distributions:

  • Our fully branded distribution teams, equipped with GPRS tracking, consistently execute campaigns.
  • Continuous supervision by full-time team leaders ensures rigorous back checks throughout the distribution process.
  • Thorough ABC back checking is conducted post-distribution to validate accuracy.
  • In-house reports are meticulously compiled and forwarded to the office.
  • GPRS data is extracted and transformed into distribution maps, along with comprehensive delivery reports for the customer.

When selecting a leaflet distribution partner in London, always inquire about references and employer responsibilities – FDL Flyer Distribution London guarantees transparency and reliability in every campaign.