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Adbike promotions London by the FDL team
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Adbike promotions London

Experience the innovation of FDL Flyer Distribution London's Ad-bikes – a compelling outdoor advertising solution delivering your marketing message directly to your target audience. FDL introduces exceptional ad-bike services in the London area, providing an innovative, flexible, and cost-effective medium for promoting your business and services. Our mobile Adbike promotions London boast unique style, music, and an eco-friendly approach to showcase customer brands. Each Ad-trike features two integrated A0 size banners with a fitted audio system, capable of playing customer music and radio ads.

Additionally, each Ad-bike is equipped with storage for at least 2,000 promotional flyers and a small banner for our ad-walkers. By integrating pedal Ads into your promotional campaign, you amplify the influence of your message, attracting a broader audience of potential buyers.

  • Here’s what you get with our Ad-bikes:
  • A mobile advert adaptable to any point and suitable location.
  • 2 x Vinyl graphic adverts.
  • Cycling around your desired area or street 1 Bike rider.
  • Distributing your promotional materials Eco-friendly advertising with zero emissions.
  • Time flexibility for optimal results, even during night shifts.
  • Nationwide availability and exposure.

Ad-bikes London: Each ad-bike comes with 2 x A0 posters, one dedicated bike rider, chosen music or radio ad, and a promotional time-frame tailored to the customer's needs. Our ad-trikes are available for 8 hours per day, starting from as little as £275 per day*. To connect with us, email Elevate your advertising impact with FDL Flyer Distribution London's Ad-bikes – where style meets substance in the heart of London.