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Hand to Hand distribution in London
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Hand to Hand Distribution London

Hand-to-Hand distribution in London through FDL stands as an often underestimated yet potent marketing avenue. Recognizing the pivotal role a proficient flyering team plays in shaping perceptions, we meticulously select and train our members to serve as outstanding ambassadors for our clients. The FDL teams specialize in face-to-face street promotions across various areas in London, consistently distributing thousands of leaflets and products every week.

Our team members embody professionalism, articulate communication, and infectious enthusiasm, ensuring they effectively engage and promote your business with flair. Teams are adept at incorporating customer taglines into conversations, using them as impactful tools to connect with the audience. The Hand-to-Hand Leaflet Distribution London teams are always fully branded, leaving an indelible impression and ensuring maximum visibility. Beyond brand promotion, our teams excel in information gathering, potentially generating valuable leads for your business.

Following the execution of the hand-to-hand leaflet distribution campaign, we provide a comprehensive distribution report, detailing the quantity of leaflets and flyers distributed. Additionally, we offer visual documentation, including pictures and videos of the events, enhancing transparency and showcasing the campaign's impact.